Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register?

Anyone who is an Indian citizen, residing in India, aged 18 years or above as of April 30, 2022, and of sound health and mind can register for Massey DYNASTAR. No person can participate on behalf of another person. A contestant shall enter the contest in accordance with the Rules and Regulations. You will need to submit the requisite proofs of identity during the contest shortlisting.

How can I access the registration form for Massey DYNASTAR?

Log on to and click on the registration banner of Massey DYNASTAR to access the form. Enter your mobile number for OTP verification. Please note that we will be able to get in touch with you only if the mobile number you have shared is registered with a service provider in India. All communication related to the contest will be done on this number. Please ensure that the number is always active and accessible.

How will I know that I am selected?

Massey Ferguson India and TAFE will go through the forms in detail and shortlist participants. If you are selected for the next round, you will receive formal communication from the Company via the contact details (email ID/phone number) shared by you. Also note, we will be announcing the shortlisted candidates on Massey Ferguson India and TAFE social media platforms and website.

If I have multiple business ideas to submit, can I apply multiple times?

One mobile number can be used to fill out a single application form only. If you have multiple business ideas, you can submit them through different mobile numbers registered in your name

Do I have to fill in everything mentioned in the form?

You have to fill all the mandatory fields (*) mentioned in the form, without which you will not be able to submit the form. Apart from that, the more information you give us the better we get to know you and evaluate your form

I have registered with a particular number but that number is not active anymore. Do I have to register again with a new number?

Yes. You need to re-register with the new mobile number. All communication related to the contest will be done on this number. Please ensure that the number is always active and accessible.

I have made some errors in the form but I have accidentally submitted it. How do I rectify this?

You can reach us out through our toll free number or write to us at

I have completed my form, but I am unable to progress ahead/submit the form. What is the reason?

Each page of the form has certain mandatory fields (*). Make sure that all those fields are filled with relevant information to submit the form. Also, ensure you are adhering to the character limit (if specified).

Will the details and documents that we submit remain confidential?

The details shared by you will be used by the Company to evaluate your business for the contest. The details shared will be confidential and shall not be shared with any third party

In case I am selected for the in-person interview, who pays for my travel and boarding?

If you are selected for the in-person audition round, then the expenses for the train travel and the accommodation for the participant and his accompany will be at our company cost. You will only be permitted to enter the audition venue upon submission of the required documents and photographs.

How do I submit my entries?

All entries have to be uploaded on the form available on the Massey DYNASTAR contest page

What is the entry fee to enter the ‘Massey DYNASTAR’ Contest?

Participating in the ‘Massey DYNASTAR’ Contest does not require any entry fee. The contest is completely FREE to participate.

I have taken the video in a mobile phone, am I allowed to submit it as an entry?

Absolutely, you can shoot with any camera be it a professional camera or a smart phone. You are free to submit the entries as long as they meet the guidelines. For more information on the Rules & Regulations, click here.

What file size or format file should I submit?

The documents submitted for the contest must be in word or pdf format. Videos must be at least 720p in resolution. The duration of the video cannot exceed 2mins of running time. Videos should be no larger than 100MB. They must be in Mp4 or MOV format only.

Can I submit videos that I have already submitted for other contests?

No. Any idea that are published already cannot be submitted as an entry to this contest.

Am I allowed to change the idea after submitting the entry?

No. Videos or idea once submitted cannot be changed.

Should I add a watermark/copyright information on the video I submit as entries to this contest?

No. All the video must be clear of any watermark or copyright information so the participant’s identity is not revealed to the jury. The judging will be completely anonymous and the jury will not know the details or personal information of the participants.