Reversible Mouldboard Plough – A formidable partner for your farm

By Massey Ferguson India

December 4, 2019

Read Time : 5 Mins

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Farming begins with preparing the land for cultivation. Land preparation, being the first step, must be done optimally to maximise harvest potential. Considering the amount of resources spent on each harvest, land needs to be prepared in accordance with the crop requirements.

Ploughing turns over the upper layer of soil and brings to the surface a fresh layer. This process also ensures that the upper layer, which may have the remains of the previous crops, is buried allowing it to decay. Soil that hasn’t been worked on or left to dry for a while tends to be tougher to work on and slows down a farmer’s progress. If the land is hard and dry, it will only make the matter more time-consuming or requiring more manpower. This process used to be done manually, but with changing times come new farming equipment which significantly reduce the burden on the farmer.

The Reversible Mouldboard Plough (RMB) is one such equipment that has changed the face of farming. Primarily used for hard and tough fields, this levels the surface and makes seedbed preparation and harvesting easier. By retaining a consistent finish throughout the process, it contributes to well-turned furrows which can further help improve the farming efficiency. It’s robust design also comes with special wear-resistant steel blades with points that assist in the tough ploughing jobs.

Fields that have not been ploughed in a long time often repel water. As the mouldboard plough turns over the topsoil, it brings to the surface a subsoil which absorbs more water from irrigation and rainfall, resulting in increased crop growth and yields.

Rocky terrains may often pose a challenge for farming equipment. But the weight of the mouldboard plough is heavy enough to handle higher depth of soil, making it easier to scour the land. Apart from making the process easier, the reversible mouldboard plough also speeds up the process through its unique rotating mechanism that allows the plough blades to rotate 180 degrees along the axis of the hollow shaft. The RMB has a safety bolt to prevent breakage of the mouldboard during ploughing operations in uneven, rough terrains.

After the application of the mouldboard plough, equipment like harrows and tillers can be used with ease. As the amount of time needed to prepare a field using an RMB is substantially lesser, it enables farmers to work larger area of land. Purchasing an RMB would be an economic decision as it is built for longevity and efficiency. Due to its simple design, the reversible mouldboard plough is also easy to maintain. Farmers who choose to partner with this equipment will be able to deal with the toughest of ploughing operations while putting in less time and effort. To see how it works, please visit:

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